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Live Webcast

Worry no more about your loved ones not being able to attend your marriage ceremony, reception or party!!! Our Live Streaming extends an opportunity that would facilitate your guests to have an unparalleled experience of witnessing your special occasions from the comfort of their homes, by televising your functions live on the Internet. Video Cameras from the venue will enable live web casts via the Internet.

Your personal guests need not feel left out just because they are not able to make it to your wedding. All you need to do is simply ask them to log on to your personalized web cast area created by us and enjoy the live experience. We at style tv promise to give them a feel of the atmosphere by our exceptional services - not only as the ceremony is on but every time they feel nostalgic.

To web cast your weddings, ceremonies ,school function ,temple function and parties contact us today.

Live Event

style tv is always ready to BROADCAST the LIVE WEDDING FUNCTIONS AND LIVE EVENTS around the world to friends, relatives, family members those who are unable to be at the wedding can watch the function and all events with any computers and internet access. Any number of persons can simultaneously view the function via internet and computer from any where and any place in Cities, States and Countries.

After the LIVE BROADCAST , even style tv can offer the service of achieving the event so friends, relatives can watch the entire function on Demand ( watching when ever want). The function can be made as public or private, depends on the clients interest. For making the function as private we can protect the broad cast by giving some passwords.